Vikings win 90-71 with late 3rd quarter run and 24 4th period points

The Grayling Vikings trailed by five points late in the third quarter vs. the Kalkaska Blazers during Tuesday night’s varsity boys basketball game, but the Vikings ended the period with a 15-0 run, giving Grayling a double digit lead going into the fourth quarter, and GHS won by 19 points, 90-71.
Kalkaska led 19-16 at the end of the first quarter.
Highlights for the Vikings in the first period included an inside shot by Nick Hunter, a drive by Brent Weismiller, a three-pointer by Trey Moffit, a triple by Weismiller, a jumper by Justin Nicholas, and free throws from Nicholas and Christian Artress.
Grayling outscored Kalkaska 24-15 in the second quarter. Moffit had 10 points for the Vikings during the period with two three-pointers, two free throws, and a jump shot. Hunter hit a three-pointer. Nicholas had six points with a lay-up and four free throws. Ryan Anderson had three points with three free throws. Artress also scored for GHS during the period.
The Blazers outscored the Vikings 22-11 in the first 5:30 of the third quarter. Grayling’s 11 points included two baskets by Nicholas, a three-pointer by Moffit, two free throws from Hunter, and and a put-back by Anderson.
The Vikings ended the third quarter with a 15-0 run. The series, which gave Grayling a 66-56 lead going into the fourth period, included three free throws from Nicholas, a jumper by Sam Davis, a three-pointer by Artress, a reverse lay-up by Weismiller, a jumper by Moffit, and a three-pointer by Moffit.
Grayling finished with 90 points, outscoring Kalkaska 24-15 in the final eight minutes of regulation.
Nicholas hit two three-pointers for the Vikings during the fourth period. Moffit completed a three-point play. Artress made a lay-up and converted on six free throw attempts. Conner Brill scored on a jump shot. Anderson also scored for Grayling in the fourth period.
The Vikings won 90-71.
“This was a great character win for our team. We had two key moments in this game where we responded in a great way:  one,  we were down 11-4 in the first quarter and outscored Kalkaska 12-8 to end the quarter; two, we were down 56-50 in the third quarter and outscored Kalkaska 40-15 to end the game. We were tested in both situations and responded to the challenge,” Coach Rich Moffit said. “I was proud of the way that we played in this game. This confirms that when we play together and share the ball that good things will happen.”
“Justin Nicholas had a monster game with 26 points and a career high 16 boards. Trey Moffit had 24 points and five assists and played well defensively.   Buddha Artress had 15 points and four assists. Ryan Anderson  had eight points and six assists. Nick Hunter and (Brent Weismiller) were solid defensively. Sam Davis was really good off the bench defending vs Kalkaska’s Stosio.  Mitchell Kuziel and Lou Cotton provided some really good minutes defensively,” Coach Moffit said.

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