Soccer team gets five goals from four players during shutout win vs. Blazers

The varsity boys soccer team from Grayling High School won 5-0 vs. the Kalkaska Blazers on Thursday, getting four goals from three different players in the first half and adding one more goal in the second half.
With 28:37 left in the first half, Erid Feri shot past the Kalkaska keeper for Grayling’s first goal of the game. Three minutes later, Anthony Harrington shot and the ball deflected off the goal post, and Andrew Walsh kicked the ball into the net for Grayling’s second goal.
With 21:14 remaining in the first half, Eliot Boik scored on a one-timer on a pass from Cameron Ketchum. Less than a minute later, Boik scored on a pass from Nico Bersellini.
The score at halftime was Grayling 4, Kalkaska 0.
Halfway through the second half, Bersellini scored on a corner kick play after the goalkeeper deflected a shot by Feri.
Grayling won 5-0.
“When you get five goals from four different dudes, that’s pretty balanced,” Coach Brad Wagner said.
“We found passes. We found open space and used it,” Coach Wagner said. “We had some pretty good combination plays today.”
The Vikings (4-1 overall, 2-1 league) will play at Charlevoix on Thursday, September 20.

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