Runners (and coach) go through the water during Charlevoix Mud Run

Cross country runners from Grayling High School had a little bit of extra motivation during their meet on Saturday. The meet – the Charlevoix Mud Run – featured a watery course, and Coach Justin Andre agreed to take a dip in the mud if any Grayling runners placed in the top 15. Three did. The event featured hundreds of competitors.
This year’s Charlevoix Mud Run featured multiple races with 11th/12th grade and 9th/10th grade divisions for each gender. The top 20 runners received medals in each race; each division had 100 to 120 runners.  
As a group, Grayling’s boys took 6th out of 16 teams. Two individuals placed in the top 15: (11th/12th grade) 15th, Caden Arredondo, 18:36; 28th, Ryan Anderson, 19:37; 38th, Kendall Tomczak, 20:23; (9th/10th grade) 9th, Bruce Coulter, 18:39; 33rd, Cameron Ketchum, 20:22; 52nd, Jeffery Kennedy, 22:00; 62nd, Trevor Rakoczy, 22:43; 71st, Klay Baker, 23:34; 80th, Russell Mansfield, 24:01.
The girls finished 11th out of 18 teams at Charlevoix and had one top-15 finish: (11th/12th grade) 4th, Bri Martin, 21:24; 28th, Sarah Rakoczy, 24:29; 54th, CeCe Cvitkovich, 27:33; (9th/10th grade) 50th, Katelyn Moore, 26:25; 67th, Robin Long, 28:54; 82nd, Kaitlyn Hall, 30:13.
The Vikings will compete in the Ellsworth Invitational on Saturday, September 15.

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