Would a marina be bad for Lake Margrethe?

To the editor: There is a proposal to put a large, private, for profit marina on Lake Margrethe. It would be on the west end of the lake opening along M-72. Plan is for a 200-foot long 40-foot wide dock with slip space for 12 boats. 
Extending 200 feet into the lake, the dock would cut off all passage through and use of a large corner of the lake. Also there are concerns like parking, traffic, pollution (cars and boats), bathroom facilities, and trash pickup.
I believe it’s just not right to let someone take so much of our lake for their personal financial gain. For some strange season, the DEQ, who must give permission for the marina, is not allowing a public hearing and is allowing only 20 days for public input. The 20 days were up on Dec. 10.
If you agree with me that the marina is bad for Lake Margrethe, you can voice your opinion. Go to miwaters.deq.state.mi.
Harry Wojcik, Lake Margethe Property Owners Association Board Member

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