A remembrance of the grayling fish

To the editor: One of the most celebrated trout streams in the midwest is the AuSable River. At the Michigan History Center in Lansing, it is called the “River That Changed The World.” The river once held a beautiful, glittery, and iridescent fish. This fish is called the graying and is the namesake of our city.   
A group of community members is exploring a remembrance of the grayling with an endeavor called the Grayling River Project. We would like to celebrate the history of the fish that was once plentiful and dominant, but no longer exists in any of our Michigan streams and waters.
We are pursuing the possibility of an artistic structure to enhance the City of Grayling, one that will represent the history and significance of the river for our community.
We invite you to participate with your suggestions and ideas. Please send your comments to graylingriverproject@gmail.com
We look forward to hearing from you.
Jeannie Pratt and Natalie VanGuilder, Grayling River Project

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