Government leaders should not be the only source of information

To the editor: Sometimes the news media makes politicians angry; however, reporters and journalists are not supposed to be friends with politicians. They are supposed to uncover true information and collect facts that really do matter.
It is through these reporters and journalists that the public learns what the leaders of our government are doing. Our Founding Fathers realized that government leaders should not be the only reliable source of information. This restriction is one of the elements of a dictatorship.
Because freedom of the press is so important, the First Amendment of the United States Constitution states that “the freedom of the press shall not be abridged.” As our news givers are an essential component of our freedom (not enemies of the people), we owe them our allegiance.
Dianne Thomas, Frederic
Joan Kaiser, Frederic
Margaret Partello, Frederic
MariAnn Henion, Frederic
Marcie Slater, Frederic
Jamie Thomas, Frederic
Cathy Lester, Grayling
Courtney Hill, Grayling

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