E-cigarettes should be regulated

To the editor: The Michigan legislature is currently considering legislation that would define e-cigarettes as a tobacco product. As we face an epidemic of youth and young adults using e-cigarettes, it is important that e-cigarettes be regulated in the same manner as cigarettes and other tobacco products. Failing to regulate e-cigarettes as part of proven tobacco control policies is contributing to what is now a public health epidemic.
Michigan is the only state that does not regulate these products. Defining these products as tobacco will provide the comprehensive protections for our children and for all Michiganders.
The legislation that has been offered to add e-cigarettes to the Youth Protection Act does not go far enough to protect our youth. Join me in calling on Gov. Gretchen Whitmer to support stronger e-cigarette legislation. Together we can protect our kids from a lifelong addition to tobacco products.
Sandra Westover
Volunteer, American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network

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