Differing parties are not America’s enemy

To the editor: When I registered to vote, I identified as an Independent. I applauded the President when, a few days ago, he said, “In these times, we have to unify.”
For that reason, I was grieved that some people have been harassed for trying to restart the Crawford County Democratic Party.
Differing parties are not America’s “enemy.” America has enemies – lots of them, make no mistake. Those enemies want to destroy our democracy, and one of their tools is to turn Americans against each other. We are a strong electorate, and it is unworthy of us to fall into their trap.
We used to have a concept called “loyal opposition.” That means that we can disagree on policies but we all still love our country and we want – with all our hearts – to keep America safe and strong.
We may argue over whether America is a “Republic” or a “Democracy,” but either way we are a country that was founded on the sacred principle of voting on our different points of view. To do that, we have different parties. Even if the Dems are a minority in the GOP fortress of Crawford County, they have a right to form their party. In fact, I’d say the GOP needs them, otherwise how can they feel they’ve fought much of a battle? Winning over thin air isn’t much to glory in.
Republicans in San Francisco might agree with me. So let’s hear it for all “loyal opposition.”
Cathy Lester

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