Local six-year-old finds success competing in motocross

From a young age, children become immersed in sports. Football, soccer, baseball. For one Grayling Elementary School student, everyday sports were not enough. 
Blake Devault, a six-year-old from Grayling, competes year round in motocross racing. Devault first got into racing a year ago, but has been riding bikes for the majority of his life. 
According to his mother, Chelsea Devault, Blake got interested in racing by watching his father, Steve DeVault, race. For the father-son pair, the sport is a shared pastime. 
Blake began riding bikes at 22 months, spending the majority of his young life fascinated and excited by the idea of racing motocross. 
“I feel very excited and happy whenever I race,” Blake said.
Blake said his inspiration for becoming a racer was his dad, who, according to Chelsea, has been racing for “close to a decade.”
Blake competes almost all year long, spending all year training. Blake’s season lasts from late March until October. 
“Before each race, the bikes have to be maintenanced, the oils have to be changed, I have to wash his gear, Blake packs it, fees are paid, and off we go,” Chelsea said.
In 2017, Blake competed in several events on two bikes, a 50 cc trail bike, and a 50 cc MX bike. As part of the 2017 season, Blake participated in the championship event in Sebewaing. Blake won the championship hosted at MPX, winning first in both classes. The MPX Championship is an eight race series, and Blake won all eight races in both events.
Blake is sponsored by Dewey’s Moto Crew of Roscommon, and looks forward to competing in a more events in 2018.
His parents said their main goal, aside from him winning, is to make sure “he has fun and doesn’t get hurt.”

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