Vacancy filled on the Grayling City Council

A Grayling City resident who has been part of planning efforts for the community for just over a year was appointed to fill a vacancy on the Grayling City Council last week.
Heather Forbes was the lone applicant for an open position on the Grayling City Council and was sworn in to fill the seat on Monday, Feb. 12. The vacancy was created when Kate DeVries-McIsaac resigned from her seat on the city council in December since she moved to a home located in Grayling Charter Township.
Forbes said getting involved with city  planning and economic development piqued her interest when she attended a Grayling Planning Commission meeting. She was there to support plans for the Rolling Oak Brewing Co.
Forbes has served on the planning commission for about a year.
“I was interested, so when an opening came up, I applied,” she said.
Forbes said her interest in the community has developed.
“It’s been eye-opening and it’s been great,” she said. “It has definitely made me be more informed.”
Forbes is a 2001 Grayling High School graduate and is a stylist at Salon Rue in downtown Grayling. Her husband, Marvin Forbes, is an employee for City of Grayling’s Department of Public Works.  Forbes’ children are Ryan Nelson Jr., McKenzie Nelson, Cherise Nelson and Lahken Forbes.
Forbes said she decided to up the ante when she applied for the city council vacancy.
“I just wanted to stay involved to keep helping with progress in the city,” she said. 
Continuing with the development of downtown Grayling is a priority cited by Forbes as an issue officials must address.
“I think the main thing to focus on is bringing new life into the downtown, providing more homes, providing more opportunities for business,” she said.
Forbes will have to file to retain her seat on the city council in the November general election since there are two years left on the term she was appointed to fill. She plans on serving on the Grayling City Council for the long haul due to her deep roots in the community and interest in moving initiatives forward.
“I don’t plan on going anywhere. We own a home here in town,” Forbes said. “My husband works for the city and has a great job. He plans on finishing out his work career with them, so I might as well stay productive and keep the city progressing.”
Forbes encouraged the younger generation to learn about commissions and boards, which serve the community, and to learn that their input and perspective can lead to changes.
“I would highly recommend that more young people take advantage of the opportunity to make a difference,” Forbes said.

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