Spin City Wash opens in Grayling

A new laundromat fills a void in town
In the summer of 2022, we saw a big loss come to Grayling. The old Grayling Laundromat was demolished. 
The town as a whole felt the need for a laundromat, and has been making that clear since. 
“Many people don’t have washers and dryers,” said Monica Peters, a Grayling resident. “It can be as simple as they don’t have the spacing, the costs, whatever it may be, there is a whole part of this town that has nowhere to wash their clothing. Some people say hand wash and hang dry, which is doable during the summer but not even an idea in the winter.” 
The Grayling Laundromat was one of the bigger ones around. I remember in 2020, my washer broke and I had to take my family’s clothing there; at the time this meant clothes for six people, including three boys. Quite a bit. There is a small laundromat in Roscommon, but besides that the next closest one involves going to Gaylord or Houghton Lake. Not always a viable option. 
For months after the laundromat closed, rumors swirled that a new one would be on the way. And those rumors did not disappoint! On April 30, the brand new Spin City Wash opened their doors to many cheers of excitement. Located at the 300 block of Michigan Avenue, inside the Keyport building, this is a huge asset to the town. Open daily from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m., closed only on Wednesdays. 
“I took on this project a year ago to bring our community this much needed service and it has been a fun filled learning experience converting the old Keyport Clinic into a laundromat,” said owner Richard Rawlings. “I would like to thank my girlfriend Pam, our family members, and friends for being by my side throughout this process making this vision a reality and being there throughout the whole process.”
“A special thanks to the Mayor Heather Forbes, City Manager Erich Podjaske, City of Grayling, zoning board, city council, Crawford County Building and Safety Department, Grayling Fire Department fire inspector, Sidock engineering, Wash equipment, A+ Lawn Care, Primary Electric, Northern Mechanical, J M Door, C&B contracting, Xpress Copy Center, and World of Floors for all your help and assistance with this project,” said Rawlings.
Not only did Rich bring a needed service to our town, but also used so many wonderful local businesses in the process. Many people showed up for the exciting opening, including the Grayling Chamber of Commerce, who was on hand to celebrate with a ribbon cutting and confetti celebration. 
Make sure you make the time to stop and check out this wonderful new business, and give them your support when you can. We can’t wait to see the wonderful things that come from this! 

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