Oldsmobile Outdoor Club celebrates 80th anniversary during Winterfest

Event at Camp Grayling and Lake Margrethe includes indoor and outdoor activities on February 17-19
The Oldsmobile Outdoor Club of Michigan recently celebrated its 80th anniversary with its annual Winterfest event – a private gathering – at Camp Grayling and Lake Margrethe.
Mike Bokovoy of the Oldsmobile Outdoor Club said the group was founded in 1943 in Lansing as a way to give Oldsmobile workers and their families an outdoor experience, offering activities like hunting and fishing.
The Winterfest event has been held in Grayling for several years. Bokovoy said the event has gone to a variety of cities and venues during the last few decades, including Cadillac and Houghton Lake. The event came to Grayling 13 years ago, he said.
Bokovoy said Grayling has been a great location for the Winterfest gathering.
“As soon as I walked in I knew that home feeling. It’s just the perfect spot for us,” Bokovoy said.
Bokovoy, who lives near McBain, said this year’s Winterfest held at Camp Grayling and the Lake Margrethe area on February 17-19 featured a king and queen crowning ceremony, a kids fishing contest, euchre, bingo, cornhole, a poker run, and other activities. He said the partnership with Camp Grayling has been “a godsend.”
“It was a fantastic showing,” Bokovoy said.
Bokovoy said having the event was “iffy” at one point because of weather conditions, “but we made it.”
Bokovoy said the Oldsmobile Outdoor Club receives great treatment at local businesses and restaurants and the group plans to return to the community again next winter.
“We’re up there and we’re still going to be up there,” Bokovoy said. “We love the town. We love the community. We love the atmosphere.”
“We go around and people go, ‘cool, you’re in the Oldsmobile Club,’” Bokovoy said. “You make lasting relationships.”
Bokovoy said he’s been with the Oldsmobile Outdoor Club for 40 of its 80 years. Bokovoy said being in the club has resulted in meeting a lot of people and forming “lasting friendships” in different communities.
“There’s not too many clubs around here that can say they lasted 80 years,” Bokovoy said. “It’s really blessed a lot of people. It’s blessed me. I just hope it keeps on going.”
“I have a favorite saying. When I was invited in the club it cost $2. It was the best $2 I ever spent. It’s only $10 now,” Bokovoy said. “I don’t know how you can get a better deal.”

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