Northern Michigan Housing Development, LLC seeks to fill a niche in Grayling housing market

A Grayling couple, who have been in the construction business for decades, have established a new business to help bring affordable housing to the Grayling area.
Judy and Tom Steffen founded the Northern Michigan Housing Development, LLC in Grayling.
The business was started after Tom and his business partner, Fred Fabian, attended a conference on modular housing.
“He just thought it would work really well in Grayling,” Judy said. 
They looked at different manufacturers and builders and opted to go with the General Housing Corporation based in Bay City.
“They’re a company that has been in the business for several years and they have been around a long time,” Judy said.
The houses are upgraded from modular homes that were built in the past.
“These are stick built houses that are built in a factory,”  Judy said. “They’re just like having a house built for you on your site – it just takes a lot less time and it’s less expensive because of that.”
The first home was placed on a site at 601 Galen Street, which will serve as a model house and sales office.
Northern Michigan Housing Development, LLC will be a dealer for the for General Housing Corporation.
The homes come in different models such as alpine, ranch, cape cod,  and a cottage-style. The houses  are built from 800 square feet up 1,800 square feet. They are delivered in sections, depending on the size of the house.
“That’s the market here,” Tom said.
Stick built garages and foundations for the home are built separately.
“You build your own foundation and get it ready for them to bring the house and put it on,” Judy said.
The business has partnered with Mary Becker, the sales manager and licensed associate real estate broker   from Midge and Co. Real Estate, to help find property for homes and help finance the purchase.
“She will help find a lot if you need one to put your house on,” Judy said.
The couple purchased the Galen Street property, where a college and modular home was located in the past, through Becker.
“She’s a very successful realtor and that’s what we needed,” Judy said.
A garage and deck will be built at the sales office within the next month to complete the project.
“As soon as that’s done, we’ll have another house underway,” Tom said.
The business has already fielded about a half a dozen inquiries about the homes.
“I think we’re going to be busy,” Judy said. “We need a lot of small reasonably priced housing in Grayling and I think these could help with that.”
Steffen Construction, which was founded by the couple 50 years ago, will supervise the construction and can make arrangements to build the foundations.
“It’s a start up business, but we have been in the building business, we’re familiar with it, and we know what we’re getting into,” Tom said.
Site work is done and utilities are brought to the property where the houses will be located while they are being built.
“It’s 10-week deal and you can go down to the factory and see your house being built,” Tom said.
To contact  Northern Michigan Housing Development, LLC  call (989) 349-3155.

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