Gypsy Soul Resale opens its doors in downtown Grayling to offer an array of items

A new business, which carries a little bit of everything and will have a constantly changing inventory, has opened in downtown Grayling.
Gypsy Soul Resale, located at 234 East Michigan Avenue, opened for its first day on Saturday Jan. 19. The store is owned and operated by Theresa Van De Ven.
Van De Ven said the name of the business is inspired by a nickname her husband, Todd, has dubbed her with.
“My husband calls me a gypsy because I love to constantly change things,” she said. “He said I have a gypsy soul.”
Over the past 10 years, the Van De Vens have been buying items at estate sales and auctions,  repurposing  them, and selling them to customers.
The couple opted to pursue the store as a new business venture to bring niche products to the community. 
The building is owned by Ronda and Ron Rakoczy, who operate Ron’s Fly Shop next door to Gypsy Soul Resale.
“We decided we wanted to open a store because we want to shop local, and it’s hard to shop local when you don’t have in town what you need,” Van De Ven said. “We decided to have a little bit of everything, hoping to hit the market to where it needs to be with used and new things.”
The store carries new and gently used women’s clothing, shoes, jewelry, purses, knick knacks, and furniture. It features a man cave where tools and equipment are available.
The clothing and shoes come from estate sales, auctions, and from on-line thrift stores.  
Formal dresses are available for events such as homecoming, Snowgoing, and the prom.
“People can’t always drive to Traverse City or Gaylord or Saginaw,” Van De Ven said. “If they only wear it one time, it’s not a huge money loss for parents. It’s something that they can switch with their friends or sell that they can get some money out of at the end of that.” 
On its first day of businesses, several customers came in to check out the new store and purchased furniture, purses, clothing, shoes, comic books, and records. 
“I’m going to open that up a little more and bring in some records because people seem to gravitate towards the vinyl,” Van De Ven said.
She was pleased to have  a successful opening day.
“It’s in the middle of winter, it’s cold, and there is not really anything happening in town, but it was a good day,” Van De Ven said. “I’m happy with it. It was a success in my book.”
Van De Ven will run the store with help from her daughters, Rachel, who lives in Gaylord, and Olivia, a junior at Grayling High School.
The store will be open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday, and 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Sunday. It will be closed Tuesday and Wednesday in order to restock the inventory and change the displays. The schedule will change during the summer months, but will be closed one day a week.
While some of the inventory is stored at warehouses in northern Michigan, other items come from Flint and Saginaw. 
“I just feel very fortunate. I’m hoping everything changes weekly, because every week we do something, whether it’s estate sales or auctions,” Van De Ven said. “The inventory will change constantly, which is a good thing. I don’t want something staying here too long. If I find it’s not selling, we’ll pull it. It’s an ever-changing market, so if you don’t find something one day, come back in because you might find it the next day.”
Gypsy Soul Resale will not compete with other businesses and resale stores in the community, carrying the same products. It will also serve as another shop on the thrift store sale circuit.
Van De Ven plans to have sports equipment available prior to the start of seasons to make it affordable for parents and to keep children safe. The store will also be a place to find formal wear and gifts.
“I’m hoping that someone will come in here and find something that is unique, and walk out with it for not a whole lot of money,” she said.

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