Grayling student hopes to better her outcome at each gymnastic competition

Entering her second year of competition, Grayling student Brittanie Snyder is hoping to soar to new levels with her gymnastics routine.
Snyder is a member of the Skye High Gymnastics Team, which is based out of Roscommon. She trains with coach Crystal Richter.
Snyder is the daughter of Jamie and Paul Snyder.
Prior to joining the team, Snyder danced at the AuSable Dance Center in Grayling for five years. She met Richter through a tumbling class offered in Grayling. 
“She preferred gymnastics to dancing,” Jamie said. “She just danced because that’s what they had here.”
Brittanie likes taking part in gymnastics because it keeps her on the move.
“It’s very active and it gives me something to do rather than sit around all day,” Brittanie said.
Training requires Brittanie to travel to Roscommon four times a week on a Crawford County Dial-A-Ride bus for classes, which can take up to three hours. She spends three days a week in the gym training, plus one day a week student coaching for the younger class. Her parents then pick her up.
“It’s back and forth to Roscommon every day,” Jamie said.
Brittanie is still involved with the AuSable Dance Center, taking part in tumbling classes one day a week.
At competitions, Brittanie enjoys seeing the other teams and channeling her energy into her floor routine.
“I get to see how many other teams there are and it’s like a stress reliever to me,” she said. “It helps release everything that I do out into it and that’s when I perform better.”
On Dec. 1, Brittanie earned fourth place  at the Gymnastics on the Grand Competition held at the DeVos Place in Grand Rapids.
The teams compete at bronze, silver, gold, platinum, and diamond levels. Brittanie is on the gold level team for Skye High Gymnastics through the USA Gymnastics Xcel program. 
“This is a hard level to compete at and this was my first competition competing at it,” Brittanie  said. “The things I have to do for all of the events are harder than I thought they were, and it shocked me when they said my name for fourth place. I was not expecting that.” 
Brittanie’s next competition will be the PG Memorial Classic, which is being held at Eastern Michigan University on Sunday, Jan. 21.
Brittanie, age 14, is also involved in band and choir at the Grayling Middle School, where she is an eighth grader.
Brittanie plans on continuing with gymnastics as she pursues her higher education.
“I want to take it to college level mostly, and for each competition, my goal is each time I go, to get a higher score in each event than I did the last competition,” she said. 

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