County will put 17-acre parcel on the market

The Crawford County Board of Commissioners laid out a process for selling a piece of land the county does not intend to use last week.
The board, at its meeting on Thursday, June 8, agreed to part with 17 acres of land it owns in Grayling Charter Township. The property is near Matt Lafontaine Automotive and north of the Clough subdivision.
In the past, the county had looked at relocating the Crawford County Courthouse and Jail to the property. It also eyed it as a potential space for the Crawford County Commission on Aging and Senior Center.
More recently, a local hotel owner expressed interest in buying the property for use as a recreational area for guests.
That prompted the county board to put the property on the market.
Crawford County Administrator Paul Compo said county policy requires the county board to post the sale of available county property for 30 days.
The posting will include the terms and conditions on which the property will be sold, including proof for potential buyers having the financial backing for the purchase.
“I don’t see us going through the process and selling property very often, so I want to make sure we get this right,” Compo said.
After bids are received following the posting, offers will be reviewed by Compo and Crawford County Treasurer Joe Wakeley. The information will then be compiled into a spreadsheet which county commissioners will review.
“You retain the right to reject any and all bids,” Compo said.
Future plans for the property would be subject to planning and zoning regulations from Grayling Charter Township. The Michigan Department of Quality may also have a say on what happens with the property since there are some wetland areas on the land.

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