A Better Place Bakery is truly a better place to be

New business in Frederic offers coffee, cinnamon rolls, pies, ice cream, and more
In case you have been sleeping on all of the things our beautiful neighboring community of Frederic has to offer, I’m here to inform you of what you have been missing! Frederic, a mere eight miles from the center of Grayling, is a strip of land covered with lush green hills and incredible sunset views, with more than a few great places to visit. One of those being a delightful new bakery named “A Better Place Bakery.” 
A Better Place Bakery absolutely fits its name. When you walk into the quaint shop, you immediately are hit with the best aromas imaginable, from sweet treats to coffee. Owned and operated by veterans Steve Rohloff and Lauren Burnham, they have set out to do their part to make Frederic grow. 
“We’re building back up our community,” Lauren said. 
From block parties to daddy-daughter dances and trunk or treat events, this bakery and its owners are committed to making the small community the best it can be. And that includes offering the best products possible to their customers. 
At the bakery, there is a variety of treats available to meet your needs. While you can’t get doughnuts there, cinnamon rolls, coffee cakes, pies (whole or by the slice), and more are made fresh daily by Lauren. 
“All products are Michigan made,” Lauren said. 
Lauren herself has been baking all of her life. She learned at the hands of her grandmother, who baked church pies and cakes. 
“I watched her for as long as I can remember baking and eventually I said Grandma can I learn?” Lauren said. 
Which has been to our benefit! With being in the kitchen with her family a norm for Lauren, you can sometimes even find her daughter, Evelyn, five years old, in the bakery selling lemonade. 
Adding to the appeal of the bakery, during the summer time months you can also get scoops of ice cream there, with a wide variety of flavors and extended summer hours to meet this need. Steve offers some other services as well, with cards available for his other business “Deck Defender.” He can pressure wash and stain any deck, making them look great. And that is just one way they support local businesses, as you can also find for sale in there the Freedom Hills coffee grounds to buy, and Northshore Oneiric candles. 
If you find that you cannot make the small hike out to Frederic to experience this place, have no fear! You can also purchase some of Lauren’s goodies around town. Tip’n the Mitten offers her pies, as well as the Grayling Greenhouse and Rose City farmers market. But in my opinion, the short drive is certainly worth it! 

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