Beaver Creek Township adds fire truck to its fleet

The Beaver Creek Township Fire Department added a truck to its fleet last week, which will enhance firefighting operations, rescue calls, and mutual aid responses in the Crawford County area.
Since Grayling serves as a hub for building and equipping fire trucks through CSI Emergency Apparatus, based in the Grayling Industrial Park, Beaver Creek Township officials learned that the truck was available.
The truck comes from the Kawkawlin Township Fire Department, which is located in Bay County south of Standish.
The Kawkawlin Township Fire Department purchased a new fire truck from CSI  Emergency Apparatus. 
As a result, a 1998 HME fire rescue truck, which has just  30,000 miles on it, was put on the market for sale.
The truck cost $45,000.
“It is a great truck, especially for the price,” said Beaver Creek Township Fire Chief Doug Bourgeois.
The truck has a front jump line for swift attacks on fires. It also has a deck gun on top, which is capable of spraying hundreds of gallons of water up to 100 yards. 
Six fire hoses are attached to the truck for use in fighting structure fires and other fires.
“We can pull six lines off the truck right now that are preconnected, plus it’s full of water,” Bourgeois said. 
The truck carries the Jaws of Life and other extrication equipment in compartments for response to personal injury accidents.
“We have U.S. 127 and I-75 that both come through our community, so we get out to the expressway a lot,” said Bourgeois, who started as Beaver Creek Township’s fire chief on Feb. 1.
An 8,000-kilowatt diesel generator is on the truck to power the equipment and other apparatuses as needed.
“All you’ve got to do is flip a switch and the generator is on top,” Bourgeois said. 
The truck has a six-man cab for mutual aid calls. Prior to obtaining the truck,  Beaver Creek Township had to use two trucks to get four firefighters to a scene. 
“Now we can put six people in the truck all by its lonesome,” Bourgeois said. “It’s going to be much better for the neighboring communities.”
The Beaver Creek Township board gave its approval to purchase the truck. A loan was obtained through Chemical Bank.
The Kawkawlin Township Fire Department needed to part with the truck because having a vehicle in its fleet that was nearly 20-years-old would have lowered the community’s Insurance Service Organization (ISO) rating. The ISO is used to determine the amount residents pay for their homeowner’s insurance for fire protection.
“It’s a great truck,” Bourgeois said. “We were very lucky to get it, and for the board to back us on it was a great accomplishment.”
The truck should serve Beaver Creek Township for the next decade. 
“I would hope to at least get 10 years out of it,” Bourgeois said. “Ten years would be the minimum, and 15 would be the max.”
The truck replaced a 1989 fire engine with 94,000 miles on it, which also had a leaking water pump.
“Our other one was just so bad that it was getting scary to drive it down the road or trust it do anything,”  said Beaver  Creek Township Firefighter  Denny Deiley, who is in charge of maintaining the department’s trucks. “Up here, these trucks are pretty heavy, so the roads beat them up pretty bad after a while.”
Instead of being scrapped, the old fire truck was purchased and will be repurposed by an organizer who stages mud bog races downstate.
The new truck will be displayed for Beaver Creek Township residents following the township board’s next meeting, which is scheduled for 10 a.m. on Tuesday, June 13. A picnic will take place following the unveiling of the fire truck.
The Beaver Creek Township Fire Department currently has nine firefighters.
“We’re always looking for more,” Bourgeois said.
For more information on becoming a firefighter, call the fire department at (989) 275-8548.

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