AuSable River Festival Craft Show draws large crowds on Friday, Saturday

Built from the minds of adults not afraid to tap their inner child, the Grayling Craft Show was a success during the AuSable River Festival last week, drawing large crowds. The Craft Show took place on Friday, July 27, and Saturday, July 28, in the Grayling City Park.
The event was host to a variety of crafters, featuring booths with on-the-fly T-shirt crafting, wood statues and sculptures, cutting boards, and handcrafted jewelry. 
“I’ve been making necklaces for about five years now. I was inspired to start making jewelry because as a mom of four boys, I’ve had to learn to get creative with my projects, and I needed a girly outlet. It has transformed from making jewelry for myself to making jewelry for other people,” said Christina Buchan, owner of Debella Jewelry.
“I wanted to share something inspirational with others. This is my first year at the Grayling Craft Show, and I really love the setting of the park. I love how cozy this show is. The people here are extremely kind and Michigan oriented and they really support Michigan-made,” said Buchan.
“I recommend other vendors to join this show, and for people to come out. The small town atmosphere is lovely, and the fact that so many people come out to support Michigan-made vendors is incredible. I feel like everyone that comes out has a great time looking at all of the crafts. I of course enjoy it too, as I get share my passion with everyone else,” said Buchan.
“The craft show isn’t about making money and spending money, it’s about sharing passions with one another,” said Buchan.

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